Six Things You Can Do with Private Label Rights (PLR) Content

Private label content is one of the most useful tools an internet marketer, or any type of business owner, can possess. It’s written, or recorded, content that you can license and use as your own on websites, in articles, etc.

Licensing varies but typically you can use it for whatever reason you want to use it and represent it as your own. In most cases, the license requires that you alter the PLR in some way and does not allow you to claim copyright.

In addition to purchasing PLR from a qualified and quality provider, it’s important to pay close attention to the license to ensure that you use PLR correctly. You can use PLR for a lot of things within your business; here are six to get you started.

1) Article Marketing

Rewrite the articles to be mostly unique and you can put them on article marketing websites which will link back to your website and information. It’s a great way to get known as an expert in your niche. One word of caution: Most article marketing sites have rules against using PLR, but the truth is, if you use PLR to simply help you get started and rewrite it to be completely unique, it’s okay to do it. Check it on

2) Blog Posts

You need to be very careful about using PLR for your blog. However, if you rewrite it enough it will work great. It needs to be substantially unique so that you don’t get duplicate content penalties by Google. This is usually defined by being at least 50 percent unique. Change up the title, the headlines, add your own voice, and get out the thesaurus to help you make your PLR unique.

3) Repurpose It

Instead of using the PLR article as written, turn it into a slide show with different headlines and titles. If it’s an eBook, break it down to smaller articles and blog posts. If it’s a blog post, turn it into a YouTube video, or eCourse. And, of course, vice versa. Repurposing content is a great way to get more use out of your PLR and any other content you have on your site.

4) Membership Sites

Combine all your PLR into a members only website. Only members can view and download what you have. On a membership site you can keep your PLR more intact but it’s important to give it new titles, new covers, and make it your own so that it is branded as yours.

5) Information Products

A great way to use PLR is to repackage it as information products. If your niche has something to teach other people interested in the niche then it’s a great way to make some extra money with products. You can sell information products from 7 to 97 dollars (and sometimes more) depending on what goes with the product.

6) Free Gifts

If you need to provide an incentive to get people to sign up for your newsletter, give them a free report that you created from PLR. People like getting free stuff. Caution: Ensure that the free report is something only your target market would want, to avoid the problem of freebie seekers.

In addition, you can throw in PLR as an unannounced bonus on other products and/or services that you sell. There are unlimited ways that you can use PLR to make more money faster. You are always going to need more content, so using PLR is a great way to fulfill some of the need.

Six Things You Can Do with Private Label Rights (PLR) Content