PLR eZine August 30 2019

Hooray! It’s Friday! Here in Canada, we are heading into Labour Day weekend, and the Monday holiday is the last day of summer vacation for school kids. For me, it means back to teaching next week!

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  • This Week’s Featured Free PLR
  • Special Offers – Scroll Down to See Them All!
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This Week’s Featured Free PLR

Protect Your Skin from Sun Damage PLR SuperPage

This week’s freebie is on the theme of How to Protect Your Skin from Sun Damage. Get your free Sample Page to check it out.

Protect Your Skin SuperPageGet your PLR SuperPage Sample.

See the Sales Page.

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Please note that this is a new, updated version of previously published material.

Special Offers

Mindset PLR Membership from Ruth Pound

Have you ever heard of people sabotaging their own success? It sounds counterintuitive, but our brains like to keep us “safe” and when things are going well we often sabotage our progress.

Even worse, many of us (deep down) don’t even believe that we deserve success. This applies to business owners, athletes, those in traditional careers and more.

Help your readers, and yourself, avoid this trap with Mindset PLR from Ruth Pound. For a limited time, Ruth is opening up her Mindset PLR Membership to new members for 50% off the public price!
You get a new batch of content for every month you stay a member – you’re free to cancel at any time.

* Main eBook (This Month: Break Through Your Upper Limit Problems)
* Editable eCovers in Different Styles
* Checklist Related to Main eBook
* Royalty Free Related Images
* 5 Related Articles
* 5 Emails/ Blog Posts (This Month: Are You Sabotaging Your Success?)
* 15 Related Tweets
* 5 Shareable Social Media Graphics
* Extra Bonus Monthly Workbook

Join today at this unbeatable price!

Biz Building Training

If you have been holding back and shy about selling, you need to grab both training deals below TODAY and start really working toward your own success. These are NOT PLR, but both trainings could be life changing for you, depending on where you’re at right now.

Training 1: From Laptop Lifestyle’s Angela Wills

Angela has put together a new training, Energetic Selling, for us all over at Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity, and she’s making it available to non-members for a limited time only (ends Friday!)

Here’s a summary of the training included in ENERGETIC Selling:

  • Survey Your Sales Assets so you know what you have, and what you have to build.
  • Decide Your Sales Urgency so people will pay attention and take action to buy your offers.
  • Copywriting Essentials you can use in emails, blog posts, social media & more.
  • Sales Conversion Basics to understand and take CONTROL of your results.
  • Leave Fear of Selling Behind and replace it with a burning desire to serve your peeps.
  • Get EXCITED about selling so your energy is infectious and undeniable.
  • Selling From Your Stories so that people relate to you and are motivated to take action.
  • Your Successful Sales System discovery so that you find your unique sales methods.
  • Passive Sales Practices so you can take breaks, vacations and enjoy the Laptop Lifestyle!
  • Energetic Selling is your laid-out path to selling with more ease than you ever imagined.

Here’s what you get with this course:

  • Video Training to keep you engaged and following the program. You’ll receive short, easy-to-consume video lessons & download pdfs worksheets, checklists & assignments for action. The video will be gradually released over the month so you can follow along and keep engaged as you work through the course.
  • Live Q&A Webinar Sessions (Recorded) so you can show up and keep up with the course (we’ll do a summary in each session). You’ll be able to keep accountable in these sessions and also make sure you don’t get left behind by getting all your questions answered.
    Unlimited Forum Support where you will connect with other amazing business owners offering their great skills to the world. You’ll be able to network, help each other and learn from each others experiences. This forum remains open for your support even after the course has ended.
  • No-Charge Updates & Retakes. This course will live on Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity and you will receive course updates and live Q&A retakes at no extra charge to you. It’s a “living” course that will grow over time and you’re in from the start!
    If you’re already in the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity, this training is included. How awesome is that!

Check out ENERGETIC Selling before it’s gone!

Training 2: Special Offer from Cindy Bidar

Almost a year ago, I became part of Cindy Bidar’s membership, Six Figure Systems, I have learned a ton, and can really understand why so many top level marketers speak so highly of Cindy and her work.

This week only, Cindy Bidar has bundled together her best trainings, checklists, templates and planning tools in The Ultimate Email Marketing System for one super affordable price, so you can finally make your email list the profit center you’ve always heard it can be.

But here’s the bottom line…

The Ultimate Email Marketing System is for you if…

  • You already have a list, but you’re inconsistent about staying in touch
  • You know you could earn more from your list, but you feel a bit icky about selling to your subscribers
  • Most days, you’re a bit lost about what to even send to your subscribers
  • Funnels? You have a welcome email, does that count?

If you bought each one of these trainings separately, your total cost would be more than $120–and it would be WELL worth it at that price! But for the next few days only, you get all four products, including all the training, all the checklists, all the templates, and all the planning tools, for just $39.

Go here to get your Ultimate Email Marketing System today.

Your PLR Coupon Code from April

The awesome April Lemarr of Niche Starter Packs is having a birthday sale, and is gifting YOU a 55% off coupon on selected PLR Bundles from her shop. Check out the deals on this page.

Use Coupon Code: BDAYDEALS and save 55%!

New at HomeFreeMedia

A new PLR Article Pack on Marketing Through Storytelling. This is a hot topic right now so let your readers know what it’s all about with these articles and graphics.

A timely PLR Report on Home Canning for Beginners. Just $10, so add this to your arsenal.


Have you seen the newest Inspirational Graphics pack? It’s gorgeous, even if I do say so myself!

Take a look: Inspirational Graphics Goals Pack

Featured Article This Week

How to Grow in Confidence – Sleep Well

Featured Article at


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Norma Esler